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Fostering Dogs with Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles

Thanks to volunteer support, Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles finds hundreds of adoptive homes annually for abandoned, neglected, or otherwise abused pugs in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Many of these volunteers function as foster families for pugs, caring for the animals while they await adoption. In these circumstances, the organization covers veterinary and other major expenses for the animal’s foster family.
Because foster homes provide a more loving, personalized environment than Pug Nation can offer through its shelter, the organization tries whenever possible to place dogs in foster homes while they await adopters. Foster homes not only provide better environments for dogs but also help Pug Nation defray some of the costs of animal shelter housing, thereby enabling the organization to benefit more dogs.
Many of the dogs that Pug Nation assimilates can only be housed in a foster home due to medical or behavioral needs. Finding a home on short notice can be difficult, and the organization relies heavily on its pool of foster volunteers. To learn more about Pug Nation, visit
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