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New Details Emerge about Martin Scorsese’s Macbeth Project

by Jeff Yarbrough

Earlier in 2015, rumors began to emerge that Martin Scorsese was interested in tackling a William Shakespeare play as his next film project. The rumors held that he wanted to adapt the Kenneth Branagh stage production of Macbeth for the silver screen. In recent months, more details about this project have emerged to the excitement of Scorsese fans around the world.
According to The Telegraph, Scorsese’s Macbeth has received the green light, but the film will be a documentary that takes viewers through several weeks of performances at the Leavesden Aerodrome in the United Kingdom, rather than a narrative feature. Unlike more traditional renditions of Macbeth, Branagh’s version immerses the audience directly into the action and makes them a larger part of the production.
Branagh has said that he is excited to work with Scorsese and see how the famed filmmaker will bring his unique style to the project. No release date has been confirmed, but with Scorsese’s most recent project, Silence, wrapping up soon, production will likely begin in the near future.                            
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