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The Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles Pet Adoption Process

by Jeff Yarbrough

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles serves abandoned, neglected, and unwanted pugs in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The organization seeks to connect pets to their forever families, and at the heart of this effort is the adoption process. If individuals are interested in adopting a pug from the rescue, they should attend one of the organization’s adoption fairs or events to learn more about what is expected from them.
When people know that they are making the best decision for themselves and the animal, they can begin meeting the pugs at the rescue to get a better sense of which dogs they connect with and may want to take home. To ensure that a family is equipped to care for the dog, one of the organization’s board members will conduct a short interview that also allows the board member to go over the application form with the adopter. After printing the adoption form, people can bring it with them to an adoption event to save time.
Lastly, a member of the rescue will visit the adopter’s home to rule out the existence of any potential hazards for the pug and address any of the adopter’s concerns.
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