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Tips for Making Skiing Trips Fun for Beginners

by Jeff Yarbrough

Despite their initial high hopes, many beginning skiers end up disappointed and frustrated as they continually fall. Because skiing is not necessarily intuitive, the best thing beginners can do is start with a lesson. While some individuals may be eager to try skiing without instruction, they'll do themselves a favor by learning the basics with the help of a qualified instructor.
Not all resorts are created equal; some resorts design their slopes especially for intermediate or advanced skiers, which can put beginners at an even greater risk of injury. When choosing a resort, beginning skiers should look for ones with beginner-friendly slopes and an instructor program with good reviews.
In addition, beginners may be tempted to skimp on gear because they do not want to make the investment. But because proper gear is essential for an enjoyable experience, such skiers need either to make the investment, or borrow gear from friends. Borrowed gear should still fit properly. A quality jacket and snow pants are essential for comfort throughout the day, as are thick socks, preferably made from synthetic materials that wick moisture away from your feet.
Other tips for beginning skiers, such as keeping hydrated and eating a complete breakfast before hitting the slopes, may sound obvious, but it can be surprising how many people forget to fuel themselves properly.                            
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